October Pink Cameo Bundle

ALL Pink CAMEO Bundle

This bundle is super special because Silhouette has created a custom CAMEO 3 color! Their electric pink machine is all pink inside and out. Their previous machines only featured a colored lid and carriage, whereas this machine is completely pink through and through.

Silhouette has paired their exclusive pink CAMEO with other exclusive pink materials and tools. They are a Pink Tool Kit, CAMEO 3 Dust Cover, Pink Vinyl Sampler, and a Pink CAMEO 3 Light Tote (not pictured above). And to make this bundle even more exciting, they have thrown in Business Edition and a roll of Transfer Tape. This whole bundle will sell for only $269.99!

Grab the bundle here and use my code LIBBY.

Advent Calendars

All month long we want you to talk about our amazing Advent Calendars. We know that the holidays seem far away, but we believe it’s never to early too start preparing. Last year, these Advent Calendars were only available to purchase in our exclusive Black Friday Bundles. This will be the first time that you’ll be able to purchase this Advent Calendar on its own.

Our Advent Calendar will be available for $24.99. Be sure to use my code LIBBY to take advantage of this great sale!
*These Advent Calendars do take time to create. If you purchase now, you will have time to complete the calendar before the holiday season.

Happy shopping! These deals are available the entire month of October or until supplies run out.

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